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Tears of a Warrior: A Family's Story of Combat by Janet and Anthony Seahorn

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Product Description

"Tears of a Warrior"
Offers Hope and Healing to Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress


Returning war veterans may face a multitude of physical and mental challenges. Veterans' families are often unprepared to deal with a family member who may experience pain, nightmares, feelings of detachment, irritability, trouble concentrating, and sleeplessness. These are some of the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).

Experts estimate that between 25% and 30% of Vietnam veterans who fought in combat have symptoms of PTS and the experiences associated with combat. It's been recently estimated that 30% of combat soldiers returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan are experiencing similar trauma.

"Tears of a Warrior: A Family's Story of Combat and Living with PTSD" is a patriotic book written about soldiers who are called to duty in service of their country. It is a story of courage, valor, and life-long sacrifice. Long after the cries of battle have ended, many warriors return home to face a multitude of physical and mental challenges. Author Tony Seahorn writes from his experience as a young army officer in Vietnam who served with the Black Lions of the First Infantry Division, which fought in some of the bloodiest battles of the war.  He was wounded in action and continues to recover from the physical and emotional scars of combat. 

Tony returned to Wyoming from the war decorated for heroism. Some of his most honored medals include two Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, Air Medal for Valor in flight, the Vietnamese Gallantry Cross, and a Presidential Unit Citation. He has experienced the trauma of combat. His experience is painful. His story is real.

Janet Seahorn, Tony's wife and co-author, writes from both the perspective of a wife who has lived for thirty years with a veteran with PTS, and as a professional in human development and neuroscience. Dr. Seahorn's research has focused on the effects PTS has on the brain, body, and spirit.

"Tears of a Warrior" was written to educate families and veterans about the symptoms of PTS and to offer strategies for living with the disorder. The book includes over 50 photos integrated into the text which provide the reader with a visual picture of the sequence of events as the storyline moves from the realities of combat, to returning home, to the ultimate impact on family and friends. Families and society in general will better understand the long-term effects of combat. Veterans from all wars, regardless of service branch, will benefit by the authors' experiences and their message of hope.

"If we send them, then we must mend them."

 Recommended by the Secretary of the VA.


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  1. I was there

    Posted by Dr. Paul Alderete on 18th Nov 2011

    Life can be so ironic, a friend of mine told me to go to the VA and see about some health condition that were related to my military service. But never would I ever believe what I experience there. After being interviewed for approximately one hour the clinician had to leave the room and while I was there I saw this book Tears of a Warrior and I was intrigued about the individuals living with post traumatic stress disease as a result of of their service in Vietnam. So I found this book and somehow ended up at page 35 and started to read about the Big Red One and the outfits 1/2 of the 28th infantry Regiment and I was thinking, wow I was in that group so I continue to read about this battle of 1400 Vietcong and 142 black client participant and how they were ambushed. All of a sudden I remembered I was a scout dog handler working out of the 1/28th and I led that patrol were 58 soldiers were killed. It was a very disturbing recollection but the irony of it all was how did I find that book, open to that page and read about the battle of Ong Thanh. I have lived my whole life and I never knew it had a name is just that we got our butts kicked and he was a very long day. If any of you were there, one of the worst parts was having to march back to our base camp In total darkness with little or no ammo knowing that the VC were out there. I was blessed I was wounded in the leg but it wasn't a big thing, I remember them listing the dead into the helicopter by hoist because they could land with the smoke stench in my brain I would never live it down. Fortunately, I did not suffer from post traumatic depression, based on my wife's comment I don't have any feelings but on the other hand I may have lost them there. First X infantry soldier wishing you all well. Regarding the book unfortunately it's extremely accurate and I don't recommend it for combat soldiers but for people who have concern and can be of benefit to any old combat warriors it says a lot.

  2. Double-Vision

    Posted by ROCCO CASTRANOVA on 15th Jun 2011

    I Am A 2 Toured Vietnam Dustoff Medic,Thank-You For This Amazing Book,Which I Truly Feel Heals,& Mends The Heart,Brain,& Soul.For Years No-One Took Out The Time To Try To Understand What As This Country's Warriors,We All Go Through After The Tour Of Duty Is Over,We Are Still On Constant Guard Duty,& Will Be Till WE Die.I Was Shot Down 5 Times,Been Shot,Mortored,My Call Sign Was Dustoff79er.Never Left A Brother Vet Behind.One Hot LZ,17 Wounded ,Mine Was Last Ship,All Came Out With Me,And My Crew.Years Later I Am Now A Veterans Service Officer(VSO),PURPLE HEART VSO,& NACVSO & VFW. Just Trying To Still Take Care Of My Veterans.Gloucester County N.J.Has One Of The Best Group Of VSO's.We Are All Volunteers,From Various Eras,But The Same Mind-set.To Aid & Assist,Thats What We Do 24/7 Thank-you For Sharing A Part Of Your Life,To Help Us With Ours." COMONGULOM" THANK-YOU

  3. Wonderful Book for Men and Women with PTSD

    Posted by Jim Yancey, Commander Dept. Of GA. MOPH of the USA,Inc. on 30th Apr 2011

    As a recipient of the Purple Heart I have suffered on and off with Complex, Chronic Ptsd over the past 37 years. I wish I would have had this book to read and understand about this sickness after I came home from vietnam. This book is just outstanding and our Foundation is number 1 also to furnish this to vets in PTSD programs. My group therapy I attend all have gotten this book and they really have enjoyed reading and discussing it during our sessions. I promise this book will
    make it okay for some vets and help save their lives.Our foundation has done a great thing in getting these books to all our service men and women that haved served in a combat zone and are having trouble. We appreciate the Seahorn family and the Foundation for their help and dedication to veterans.
    Semper Fi,
    JIm Yancey
    Commander Dept.
    Of GA. MOPH


    Posted by Lorraine on 27th Apr 2011

    For Every Family Member! My husband is a Vietnam Vet and finally receiving treatment.This book addresses the whole picture of PTSD, how it effects the wife, family and friends.After reading you know this is real, understand how to cope, support your vet and work as a team. Thank you for the courage to acknowledge PTSD,and let us know we are not alone in this battle. You are truely," Warriors" and our "Heroes"


    Posted by Tammy on 5th Dec 2010

    I had no idea what really happened. I have reconcilled with my dad & he is a vietman vet(purple heart) surviver with PTSD. I look at things alot differently than I use too. Everyone should read this book. Thank-You Tony & Janet for your time in explaining a very important time in these men & womens life. I have a son who is serving..God Bless our Country, AMEN!

  6. Outstanding Help for Soldiers and Family Members with PTSD!

    Posted by Mike Martin on 9th Aug 2010

    A Family's Story of Combat and Living with PTSD is a brilliant, easy to read, paperback that uplifts Vets, Soldiers and Family Members with stats, real down to earth stories and experiences that can help with the healing process...Thanks for donating...

    Retired Air Force Vet now working with the VA helping Injured and Seriously injured vets returning from IRAQ & Afghanistan as a Military Services Coordinator in Alaska

  7. Thanks

    Posted by Eric Marrero Encarnacion on 14th Jan 2010

    Sir, this is one of the best books I have ever read. Your career and dedication is admirable. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work sir. I will continue to promote this book as much as I can for the information and the way you presented the facts. It is the way it should be, from experience with facts and the promise that someone can help the suffering. My network is just taking off but I can promise you that this wonderful book and your E-mail will not be forgotten.

  8. Inspiration

    Posted by Trish Bannon on 14th Jan 2010

    Thank you again for your book. I read it in two days and found it to be absolutely enlightening and informational. I must admit that I found your book to be an inspiration toward my own life. I am strengthened by it professionally and personally. Your talent in writing is wonderful and your knowledge and willingness to share congratulatory. Thank you, thank you for all you invested in this book. I will recommend it to many.

    With Great Respect,

    Trish Bannon
    Director of Psychological Health
    Wyoming National Guard

  9. Understanding

    Posted by Mike on 14th Jan 2010

    There is nothing like your book anywhere on the market. PTSD is incredibly difficult to understand, even for the clinicians who treat it, and your book goes a long way toward a lay persons help in understanding without having to know the inner workings of the brain. Janet says it simply and completely...

  10. WOW

    Posted by Diana & Gary on 14th Jan 2010

    That's all I can say..."WOW"! We are so looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, November 22! I read the book...amazing, and I am so grateful that you shared such a personal insight into what the terrors of war brought for you, Tony, then and since. I don't have words for the respect and admiration I have for you and your family. When Nord gave me a copy of your book at the ghost walk this past w/end, I was so touched and became pretty emotional I'm did he. What wonderful friends he and Cindy have become for us, and through YOU. Thank you!

    Please feel free to invite your sons to share in the celebration if you'd like. We'd love to meet them...they are such an integral part of the dynamics and inspirational root for your resulting book. I felt and shared the "tears of a warrior", Tony and Jan, as I read each page. Thank you for enhancing our understanding of PTSD and for giving many others hope and a light. God is using you to accomplish miracles!

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